Jacqueline Wilson Childrens Author

Jacqueline Wilson Childrens Author

Jacqueline Wilson is a UK best selling childrens author, she has written nearly one hundred books. Since June 2012 I have been collaborating with the Jacqueline Wilson magazine for girls, making dolls as competition prizes. I specialize in custom dolls for some customers, and the first competition was when the children had to draw a dream doll from their imagination with a description or story, with the winning drawing being made into a doll by me. This was very popular with over a thousand entries. The winning doll was not the best drawing but she brought her to life with her accompanying story . Well done Marcella and your Genine the Genie.

In Aug 2012 Jacky had finished the second book in what would be a series" Hetty Feather "/ " Emerald Star "/ "Sapphire Battersea". I was asked to make the main character Emerald Star into two dolls with accompanying outfit and accessories. One as a competiton prize and the other for Jacky herself as she loves dolls. Nick Sharratt is the illustrator for her books, so these helped me, but I also read the book for more detail on her clothing, accessories and character.  Although this was a childrens book it was the best book I had read for along time. Fittingly I read Emerald whilst visiting my family in Ireland and my Mum knitted her the shawl.

Jacky really loved her doll. She brought it to the Foundling Museum in London when she did a talk there. The first book of the series Hetty Feather was inspired from a visit to the Foundling Museum and the main character from the series starts her life in the orphanage here. In an interview with the Daily Mail  there is a picture of her doll on her sitting room shelf and she says her doll would be one of the things she would take from her home in a fire.

Jacqueline Wilson never stops writing, I was also asked to make dolls of her other new books, Diamond and Queenie for her magazine competitions.


I was invited along to her book signing event for Diamond where she did a talk and revealed there is a musical of her book series Hetty Feather starting April 9th at Rose Theatre in Kingston and in Autumn CBBC will be airing a televised ten part series of Hetty Feather.

I have just finished two more book character dolls, one for Jacky and another for a competition but its all mums the word for now.