Faceless dolls

Happy Mothers Day,

 I hope all mothers are having a lazy day today. Thinking of my mum today, I remembered when she helped me with a project at school, it was a two dimentional doll and you had to sew around the pattern, well I lost the pattern but she found another for me which was a really lovely hobby horse doll pattern, circa 1973 . Of course I had no idea how to make this, so my mum stayed up all night sewing it.

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Carmen Miranda tribute

My Carmen Miranda doll is now up for sale, this was one of the favourites the Liberty shop buyers liked and I ya ya ya ya like her very much too. Today in vmagazine, Saturday night live star Kristen Wiig also pays tribute to Carmen and Frida Kahlo by having a makeover and being styled to look like them. Check out my Frida Kahlo doll too.

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Selling directly through my site

Hello there,

I,m back. Unfortunately for me I was not successful this time around at The Liberty Open Call, fortunately for you I will still be selling my dolls from my website. I am now selling directly through my site, you can pay in £ sterling, euros or US dollars. The collection I showed Liberty will be up for sale on my site in a couple of days. Bye for now.

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Liberty Open Call

Happy New Year,

Liberty of London shop is having an open day for new designers on Feb 6th. Around 300 people have been accepted to go along and introduce their product or design to Libertys buyers. I have been accepted to attend this day with my dolls which I,m rather pleased about. There will not be any new dolls on my website for two weeks although I am still accepting commissions.

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Alina's pop music video

Alina the Romanian charity doll has made a pop music video! It's hilarious and definitely our xmas number one here in the Diamond Hill Doll caravan.

Annie Patchwork has now launched a Doll TV Channel. She has put up her favourite handmade wallpaper. You'll love it. At the moment she only has two short films but they are both just dynamite.

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Still time for Xmas!

There is still time to order a doll and receive it before xmas. I use Royal mail's next day special service so the last day for shipping to the UK is the 23rd December! Unforunately we have passed the date for standard guaranteed international orders. But if you are willing to pay extra for the shipping we can still make it!

Currently I am busy making three dreamed-up dolls for Xmas presents.

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First Review

This is encouraging. I received my first review today, you may view it at

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Buttons for Eyes

Tis the season to be busy especially if you are a doll maker. I enjoy being Santas little helper it raises me to a status I never thought I,d quite make. My Dear Santa Assistant letters are now coming through requesting that their dolls resemble them but have buttons for eyes. This idea has been made popular from a recent animation movie, Coraline, that I have yet to find the time to watch. Of all hours I have spent perfecting my embroidery  technique for the eyes and now they want buttons!

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My Latest Doll RSS Feed

I now have something called an RSS Feed which displays a photo of my latest doll. You can be alerted each time I put up a new doll. It pops up in your "Reader".

Apparently you just press the orange icon

So subscribe now (if you know how cause I don't really understand what I am talking about).


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My first international Dreamed-up doll!

 Today I have received my first international order for a Dreamed-up doll. So over the next few days I will be making a personalized doll which will be winging it's way to upstate New York. This is to be a christmas gift for a lovely doll collector's daughter. So it's all hush hush for now. Hopefully, once the gift is given, I can put a picture up in the new year.


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